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Making thigh high boots - The cheats wayby LolaInProgress

Grey Warden Emblem Tutorial by misiView the full tutorial here:

Tutorial: Making Armour From Foam by HidennkaView the full tutorial here:

DIY Vampire Nails from Not Quite Nigella. I have no idea if this works but if it does it’s awesome. From Not Quite Nigella (and check out her spectacular True Blood Dinner Party):
So to make your very own vampire fangs … you take a pair of false nails - I found the smallest size was the closest width to my canine teeth. You then file them down using a nail file to a point which was surprisingly easy (although caution: you may ruin your own manicure doing this) and then glue them to your canine teeth using the denture glue!

Craft foam thigh armor
1. Wrap your thigh with plastic paper and the with masking tape. Draw the patterns.
2. Make a line in the mid back to cut it. Once whole piece out cut the pieces and paste a cleaner pattern to a paper (i always add an extra space bot and sides)
3. Cut the patterns in craft foam and cut. Spikes are made out of insulation foam.
4. Seal the foam with 2 layers of modge podge and the insulation foam with 2 layers of wood glue.
5. Paint the piece.
6. Seal the paint with one thin layer of modge podge. Done!
I used a legging to place it with some velcro and also in the back.


My cosplay wing tutorial is now complete!  I tried to cover as much of my process as possible for making feathered wings. I hope you find this helpful :)

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Ok, it's time for an ears tutorial! Let's all be woodland creatures now!


So you wanna be an animal..or partially an animal..fine, you just want ears because they’re super cute and you’re over the faun thing. I’ve got your back. Of course, there are tons of different ears out there and there are simpler ways to do this, but…let’s take our ears…


I’ve been asked how i made my Celia mask so i made some instructions. feel free to use. sorry they’re a little boring looking. XD I’m not sure how to make this waterproof because it IS made out of paper. i just advise to not wear it in wet weather.  Edit: good grief i made a lot of spelling mistakes. Stupid photoshop. I will fix them and upload a better version tomorrow.

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Today I take a break from crafting and take look at another part of Cosplay: posing.I’ll start with my favorite pose…It’s known as the “3-point landing” in animation… but in my eyes it is “The Unnecessary Cool Landing” pose, aka Black Widow’s Leg Splay… An Excuse for Fanservice …EtcHere are the 5 pointers:(1). Shift body weight to one side and bend the knee. Open the knee to the side to widen the pose. Now splay your other leg to the side. Straighten this leg.(1*) Depending on the flavour of your character, you might want to bend your second leg also. If you do, place your second knee on the floor, and also open it to the side, so the pose doesn’t become narrow.(2) Lift chest to straight upper back for a strong looking pose. This will also help you left your chin and eyes without having to roll your eyes uncomfortably.(3) The landing arm. Generally looks good when the opposite arm is in front. (Eg. The side with the knee up is the front side, so the side with the straight leg/knee down gets the landing arm in front).(3*) The floor hand. Depending on the flavour of your character, you could generally touch the floor, press your palm down, or even close your fist and knuckle down on the floor.(4) Always do something with your other arm. An extension backwards generally looks dynamic).(5) Now if you want to add a little motion, you could lift one of your heels off the floor. Just one. Back or front, decide on the direction you want to be moving. (Lifting both usually ends up retarded… At least for me D:)Happy shooting!




Excellent tutorial, found here (X)


Autobody vinyl is fucking expensive.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! This is so gorgeous. 

Oh but its so expensive…

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How to make (decent) feathers with craft foam!



Hello fellow cosplayers/crafters!

So today, I was asked how I made my feathers for my Griselda (Odin Sphere) wings using craft foam and… well… I was on mobile and Tumblr ate it.

So I’ll make one with pictures! It won’t be that great but oh well…. It’s only a small…


A really quicky (and hopefully understandable) tutorial on how I created my Bucky Barnes arm! Technically can be used to create other limb-esque armor bits too. Nebula’s arm, Cyborg’s, etc. just change the patterns!

Soon, wizard world. Soon. 

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This is one of my favourite most simple tutorials for making female armour. How to make the breast area look good has always baffled me. She does a really good job at explaining how it works. Here’s some of her amazing work:



Go follow her amazing work here.

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First tutorial for the first Tutorial Sunday

How to print your own fabric Part 2. Great for doll clothe when you can’t find a pattern that fits your doll’s size ^ç^.

(I did NOT draw the images I used in this ‘tutorial’, I found them here on Tumblr ages ago but I can’t find the source, I believe they belong to Mibu-no-ookami on Deviantart but if you know for sure who draw them please tell me so I can credit them)



I finally got around to making a walkthrough on how I made my Crescent Rose prop for my Ruby Rose cosplay! I got lazy and decided not to re-film or crop/edit the video at all. The part where the audio kinda unsyncs and goes haywire is probably the least important part, so, ignore that? If you really wanna know, just ask me.

But I’ve not seen any videos this in depth or using my method, so, I thought I’d do y’all a favor. Heavily requested like, everywhere.

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